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Abhi Abhi
(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Abhi Abhi

Poem By ved prakash

Do you ever see pictures of women
From the turn of the twentieth century?
So charming with style and grace
Women with so much mystery?

So many looked like movie stars
And some of them probably were
At a time when class was in style
Though hard times they had to endure

There’s just something about their faces
The way they curled their hair
I don’t know, a different kind of beauty
So pretty, so sweet and fair

Didn’t have botox and face-lifts then
No, their beauty was the natural kind
Not a lot of make-up either
Nowadays it’s much harder to find

So when you watch an old movie
Or look at pictures from the past
Watch for the ladies of long ago
With a beauty that seemed to last!

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Your great poem has inpired me to 'spruce up' one I have been woking on. If I can get it 'presentable' by this afternoon I'll post it: 'You Can't Hide It All.' We have pictures of my grandmother and her sisters dressed up in their hats, gloves and mink coats for a night out on the town. The coats had to take an occasional trip to the pawn shop when the right horses weren't coming in at the track. From their stories I found out where the country western song 'If You've Got The Money Honey I've Got The Time' came from. But oh, did they look good and have some great times. Thanks for the reminder. Tom