In the twinkle of my eye she was...
In less than a minute I was in love...
holding her in my arms.
They said I froze glowed my heart slowed...
simply a master piece to behold
the most beautiful thing I had ever seen
MyGie she calls me Dad that's beautiful
to me.

The say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
a picture speaks a thousand words
now I speak but one
you asked...
I acquiesced...
though not afraid
as my heart beats in my chest
what do I say
how do you explain
I don't have to it's the opposite not a composite just not the same
Enough about that feeling

Beautiful is when we're at our best smiling laughing screaming gleaming teaming with joy and hope of
something beautiful
someone beautiful
no doubt inside and out
like your favorite pair of jeans
slip on easy
Slightly hugging fit
their comfortable warm
caressing your curve your hip
beauty added too by you
now there beautiful.

It's insane to blame the world if you don't see sunshine in a smile. It's simple close your eyes and think of any child's smile now feel the smile on your face it's not out of place it's Beautiful.

yes you...
I Hope Beautiful is inside you.
I hope the beautiful in you is as beautiful as your smile.
I hope the beautiful in you is like the curve of your lip perfection.
I hope you let me play with beautiful you some day in a joking smiling laughing kinda way We ain't to grown to play I just couldn't help myself... commercial for me... Lol...
It's Beautiful...! ! !

Self-Love and Beautiful sent to me is helping to set me free finally I think she may get me
my mind
my body
my spirit
my loyalty
My essence yearns to learn what else there could be behind her picture the ClassyLady she has given me Love and Beauty from within
it shines on me I want you to shine on me again and again.

by Sidney Spencer

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