YSN (19th july 1989 / amedzofe, volta region, ghana)


am standing here tonight
wondering how i got here
how did i make it past all those luring romeos
how could you have chosen me over all?
i turn and look at you, smiling radiently beside me
i think of the days we, ve had, all the tears and laughter
i want to jump and scream to God
suddenly everything looks so beautiful to me

am lying here tonight
so happy i can hardly sleep
i turn and look at you sleeping, dreaming,
you look so beautiful it hurts to look at you
gently i touch your hair and wonder if am dreaming
i let a single tear slip too satisfied to be ashamed
when you open your eyes and smile at me
i can only offer a silent thank you prayer to god

the years fly by when you are in love
suddenly we, ve made it to that place
when holding hands and walking along the parks,
is all we need to do to be content
i just want to say you make me happy beyond words,
looking in your eyes, i see your love is still alive
rekindled by the power of time, trust and joy
how can i explain?

you make me a better man just thinking of you
after all this years of miracles and dreams fulfilled,
i still melt each time you smile
'she, s mine' my heart sings
she, s mine.

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i really love this poem. it makes me think good thoughts. really good writting
A really heart warming poem,10+