Beautiful, A Love Poem By Pablo Neruda In English Translation

My love, you are so beautiful
Like from the stone of a fresh water fountain
the water springs forth in a wide flashing foam,
so is your smile on your face, my beautiful.

Your hands and feet are thin, like those of a walking silver poney.
I see you like a flower of my world, my beautiful.

A nest of the color of copper on your head, a dark honey
colored nest is where my heart burns and rests, my beautiful.

Your eyes have no place on your face, they do not match the terrain.
In your eyes exist countries and rivers, my homeland, my existence.
They shine light on the world where I walk with them.

My love, you are so beautiful
Your breasts are like two breads made of the earth cereal and golden moon.
Your waist made my arms feel like a river where you spent a thousand years.
No one has hips like yours in this world. Perhaps the earth has somewhere
a secret place for the scent of your body and your curves, so beautiful.

My love, you are so beautiful
Your voice, your skin, your finger nails, your being
Your shine, your shade are all mine, mine, you beautiful.
When you walk or rest, sing or sleep, suffer or dream
Close or far, always, always, your are my mine, my beautiful.

by Ravi Kopra

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