Beautiful Babii

I only realized how much I love you
It pains my heart to know I left you
When you said you love me
Tears rolled down my cheek
And as hard as tried to stop them
They would keep over flowing
A sudden release of pain
I don’t know if you mean it
But I know that I did
The hurt I felt before
Stopped hurting just so much
It’s like the cold had lifted
And warmth surged around me
I know my heart is closed
And I never let love in
Your words passed all my barriers
And hit straight into my heart
There’s many words u could say
But I know
You will always manage to reach me
Even when you know so little
Today you were my angel
I will never say how much
I shall just say you’re special
And be exactly who you are
Cos that’s the way you touch people
And change a life
foxy 07

by foxy babii

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Comments (2)

when u said u love me tears rollled down my cheek i love the image of tears trying to come out though u r stopping them but they roll down anyway very romantic.i love it.a 10 from me.
It was a nice poem, but it didn't flow, there was no continuity