Beautiful Beyond Doubt

A shimmering of your hair
As I glance in awe
A quiver of your lips
As I swallow in anticipation
A flashing of your eyes
As I stand near not far
A movement of your hips
As I watch you walk
A gesture of your hand
As I lower my lips
A laughter in the air
As I make another quip
A sigh from deep within
As I tell you my intent
A gasp from tender breast
As I look so deep within
A tremble in your legs
As I make you remember
And you have absolutely no doubt
Beauty is in the making
Through each breath
Each of us are together taking.

by David Taylor

Comments (6)

A great love poem if ever I read one. Well penned.
Lovely poem again David! ! : -)
Great use of vivid detail and description. Your captured the scene perfectly, painting a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman. That's what makes it memorable for me! Top marks! -Michael
Tastefully sensual, beautifully written of what appears to be a passionate love. Hot! A fortunate wife have you~~~~~~~~~~mm.
Undoubtedly a excellent write. I like your style. Great read. Love Ernestine XXX
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