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Beautiful Bird

Knocking at the door of a stranger
Trying to wake every fading thought
Finding the way to know the depth of mind
The stranger finds no reason why?
Then the thought arose in mind
Stranger! If you feel lonely
When the pain is unbearable
When you feel thunderstorm in your heart
When life seems meaningless
When people seem changing moods
Then the singing and chirping of brown and shiny-eyed bird
Brings smile and happiness to the stranger
Like the rising of the sun and the moon
Like the rising of hope and love
Stranger without a word
Follows the path of the bird
Making the stranger realize that the world can be place to live
That it hurts less when there is care
That the depth and soul of life is beyond
The understanding of creation
Only God, The ultimate creator knows the truth,
The truth which is hidden from the mankind

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who said that when we cross breed a pigeon and a woodpecker..the new breed of bird will then then knock at the door and deliver the letter? just an intro of birds my dear...nice work