Beautiful Black Lady

I am all out there for you to see,
With my shitty blues and all the lesser than better thrust

With my black lady to sing and dance around with,
Wouldn't mind any of it, just to be with those beautiful long earrings

Hell yea!
Wouldn't mind any of it,
Just to be with her as she has her morning breakfast,
Seating in hear lawn chair,
No hurry, No flutter
There is no hurry, there is no flutter,
And Watch her as she lights her cigarettes in the heat of 10: 00 AM
I'll tell you what,
Wouldn't mind any of it,

Yes, I know, her songs would always come out with screeches,
Awful many screeches,

But you know what, there is no hurry, no flutter,
Since she knows it won't change nothing,
But since she knows it would stand,
For there is no hurry, there is no flutter
And there is no place for lies

Hell yea! ,
Wouldn't mind of it just to be with my lovely black lady

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