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Beautiful Blue Eyes
GH (October 12,1979 / Wichita, KS)

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight
How I love to look into those eyes
When I look into them
A kind of peace comes over me
Beautiful blue eyes
Always haunting me
...teasing me
Reminding me of what I want...can't have
Why do they haunt me so
When will I be free of them
Constantly held captive by those blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes
Always there
A reminder of what I want...can't have
Such beautiful blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes...

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Comments (6)

This is poetry. Amazing use of description. I agree with the words. The eyes, wonder and mystery.
Grace This is a good poem, keep it up
Awww this iz such a cute poem...itz awesome! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
hey, i really like this poem, it is very sweet. Anyways keep up the good work. Kristen
How I know, blue eyes should be noted as a heart stealer! Patricia
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