Beautiful Boy

Turn your eyes and catch your breath
Watch as he takes center stage
Oh silent world, take notice
Of this beautiful boy

He lives a million miles with each breath
He soars a million hearts with every word
He walks, and his steps bleed legacy
Tears adorn the pages of his life,
Unlucky, some would say

But he just smiles
A more gentle heart there never was
Trapped inside a mortal mind
Brilliant despite the pain

A titan master of words
He conquers silence like a crowd
Of war-tired soldiers
Strong inside a horse

And he takes over my heart
With a love so strong
And a passion so deep
And a soul so divided
Between earth and hell
For heaven, is denied
By a grudge God only knows

And through the night he sings on
And brilliantly the stars sing along
Ecstasy so rare in one blazened figure
Courage in this aching womb
Of a dying world

He is an enigma, a problem
None can solve
His eyes are bright, turned towards the light
Of what is yet to be found

And he will wait
As time has done, and only time can do
For his one moment, his time to shine
The audience transfixed

But through this dream
He cannot see
The heart he holds with only a look
And the mind he has already captured.

Oh beautiful boy, you shine so the world can see
See what I see so clearly

by Fallen Too Far

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