Beautiful Broken Heart

Poem By Persephone Springs

A broken window will want repair
And a broken arm must be treated with care
But what happens to a broken heart?

Do the shards come together and try to mend?
Do they search helplessly for what could have been?
Can anyone tell me how things will end,
For my broken heart?

Do the pieces separate, and freely roam?
Do they long for love, or wish to be alone?
Does anyone know how to make a home,
For my broken heart?

Will my eyes no longer twinkle and my mouth no longer smile?
Will I forget how to love, or be tender and mild?
Does anyone know what life will be while,
I have this broken heart?

Will its love flow out to the empty places in me?
Will my whole body know what it is to be warm and sweet?
Does anyone know the language or beat,
Of my broken heart?

Will all its pieces move as one?
Will they dream of what could be, what is, and what was?
Can anyone find a greater love,
Than that of a broken heart?

While some do not realize that a whole is but two halves
And with a broken heart, they forget how to laugh
So that is why I am proud to love and still have
My beautiful broken heart

Comments about Beautiful Broken Heart

I just want to thank everyone who posts their uplifting comments on my poems. It means a lot to know that the people in this community have something kind to say before they have anything unkind to say.
For my broken heart! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A lovely poem Persephone. Even when one wonders if their broken heart will become whole again, it does. The last stanza is uplifting. As they say...It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. Congratulations for poem of the day.
But what happens to a broken heart? Can anyone tell me how things will end, For my broken heart? .... //.... Despite a heart break, if someone has the guts to redeem and love, it is no less than a real miracle. Thanks a lot.

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