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Beautiful Charms On Valentine’s Day

Some say nothing is more romantic and sweet
To say I love you with flowers red, white and pink
Beautiful blooms for the love of your life that brings magic
A beautiful charm that goes with red balloon, cushion bear and chocolate

A shade of two dozen red roses carries passion
Iris and tulips are impressive in their blue tones
Hugs and kisses go with elegant white carnation
Such heart taking showcase of love and romance in fashion

But nothing is more beautiful
Than let the words coming from your heart flow in your mouth
A tender whisper of these magic words “I love you”
Enough to tell your valentine she is all the world for you

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L ove is magic i love you is the key t o say it to a loved one t ruly is passionate l et the intimacy flows in e nough to bring joy to the heart S ay, I love you t o people close other than loved one a lso is very sentimental r eassures better understanding on Valentines