New York (On Remember Of 9/11)

Deeply fragile. A gloomy town.

Emigrant’s footsteps, bloodless, walking by in the endless mornings.
The grotesque miracle bells that hide away its infernal mysteries.
The world’s eyes.
A joyful night  !
The heroes’ pain and tears
With the sky in its hands it grants heaven bit by bit.
It reigns proudly on the worlds’ background. Ah  and this colorful life  !
Where grace rises and falls every single moment.
Where lovers cheer and life invites you dancing!
An immortal kingdom of freedom and man.
A simple and modest relief. The eternal light.
A broken chain. The one peaceful tradition.
A memorial!
The hymn of this remediable world.
A lively morning. Joyful life.
New York

Leom Kolmnela

by Leom Kolmnela

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