Beautiful Darkness In Her Eyes

Poem By Kendzi Samuel

Beautiful darkness in her eyes,
Black they are, in all it's shades.
They hold the promise of paradise
But give my heart the torment of hades.

If I raise voice and call my dreams,
They may walk to me, yes, come true.
And that girl does shed beams,
That turns the sky of my heart blue.

Mecury lent my heart wings
And it soared away to Aphrodite
And like a bird it now sings
Song of love in the morning light

Her eyes! The night's in her eyes,
Galaxies of bright star sparkles.
Her smile! Beautiful like mornin skies
More beautiful when she giggles.

Beautiful darkness in her eyes,
When she throws her hair off her shoulder,
When she tell silly jokes with her friends
And laughs that makes the moon colder.

I see a story of me in her eyes
In which I'm a shiny armor wearing hero
I fight, and win her as prize
Or die in her arms as my pillow.

Comments about Beautiful Darkness In Her Eyes

How can I find this dynamic poem writer?
thanks for sharing this, made me feel better after a lousy breakup
Thanks very much 4 ur comments! I really appreciate! Please always read my new poems, I really like people doin that.
A heart touching and romantic poem. Well penned and poignant accompanied by a dynamic rhyme. I love it! Keep inspiring the World with your great talent! 10+++ Love and Peace for always!

4,2 out of 5
5 total ratings

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