Beautiful Day

God has made beautiful things for you and me
Go look around and enjoy whatever you see,
Take time to look at the beauty that can be found.
You will discover new things as you look around.
Gold finches or wil canaries some people would say.
Sitting on the wires, looking pretty all day.
Feathers so yellow, beautiful and bright.
They are so colorful and oh, what a sight.
Whippoor Will, you will hear the Whippoor Will sing.
But why, Whip poor Will? He didn't do anything.
Then there is the Wise Old Owl sitting in a tree
Calling Who, Who-and those big eyes, the better to see.
Lightning bugs flitting around and light up the sky
Look like ring little flashlights as they fly by.
So I thank you Dear Lord for letting me stay
To enjoy another of these extra fine days.

by Margie Dolohanty

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