I Like To Let The Word Fly About

I like to let the word fly about
Not tied down to its meanings
Like a dog on a leash
And be walked on the beach.

But let it prance around, flip and turn
And perch on the tiniest branch
Of suspense and dream
In the balmy glow of a rainbow
Like a crazy cormorant
Caring not a fig for gravity.

I like to let the word
Make mouths of mockery
At those who take it to mean
Like sea and sea weed moth-green

I like to clutch them and scooping
Fling handfuls into the sky
And watch them rain

by Murali Sivaramakrishnan

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Comments (2)

A lovely poem, you always did have a beautiful gentle style.
may be you can tell me tomorrow if it did work...pisces are compassionate people...a fun read...love...nalini