Beautiful Day

It doesn't rhyme and might not qualify as poetry but I kind of had fun writing it so I consider it poetry.

What a lovely dream
I came to school naked
I did my homework but my dog ate it
Then he got hit by a car
So I blamed the mailman
But the mailman got shot in the head
So I blamed Joey Mack
But Joey killed my dad
So I killed him back
But my friend caught one of the bullets
His mom was so pissed
Then I got chased by a rapist
But he spontaneously combusted
Before he could get busted
A fat man was watching
He had a heart attack
The ambulance caused a 16 car pileup
On the way to help him
32 deaths later somebody pressed a red button
3 million fried while 6 billion watched in horror
So somebody else responded by pressing all of their red buttons
But nothing happened because the electrician was a dumbass
So they called their friends who pressed all of their red buttons
And then the world was gone
So what a lovely dream
I had such a good nightmare
Why do my classmates keep staring at me like I'm naked or something?
Where's my dog?
Why didn't I get any mail?
I swear I did my homework
Hey! What's this red button for? !
BOOM! ! ! R.I.P.

by Ryan Sheets

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