Beautiful Dreamer

In this world there’s wondrous thing
Much beauty I dream to see
The Grand Canyon, The Great Lakes,
The Statue of Liberty

The smoky mountains, The Rocky’s too
In between the sky so blue
The sun shine, the green grass
The beauty shown is true

Across the ocean, both far and wide
Other lands to me are new
Holland, England, Germany, France
Just to name a few

Around this word both land and sea
Through all the different nations
The night sky has the same stars
A marvelous creation

All this beauty my eyes dream to see
One beauty cannot be shared
The wondrous beauty name Lucy
All else fails to compared

Not just the flesh but deep within
She has a heart of gold
No doubt a star from the heavens
If only the truth be told.

by Glenn Brazier

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Very lovely great write you out did yourself