Beautiful Girl

Her life dangles
on a string
connected to others
that make her heart sing

Always dependent
she can never be
they control who she is
she cannot see

They leave her,
she is empty
lonliness consumes, she
is begging for mercy

No one gives
what she deserves
her heart is broken
her soul's preserved

No one loves
no one cares
everyone hates
her heart ensnares

He comes along,
and steals her heart
leaving her broken,
and falling apart

She begs,
screams, and pleads,
but he is gone
she falls to her knees

Her wrists cry
scarlet tears
bringing more
silent fears

She's falling deeper
into Hell
so far in no one
hears her yell

Blood pouring
she cries in vain
no one else can
see her pain

She hides behind
her selfish lies
when no one's looking
she starts to cry

She's had enough
of falling apart
everything is broken
but mostly her heart

This cut is deep,
strong, and true
the pain is fading
her lips turning blue

Her life is over
she can no longer see
the pain of life
will never be

Her last words we
found were wrote
a few simple words
a short simple note

'The fault is mine,
blame no one else.
I'm not sorry....
I didn't tell anyone else.'

This girl was destroyed
by a twist of fate
chased by anger,
fear, and hate

by An Angel Without Wings

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Comments (2)

What can i say? As good as the last poem that i read. A little more sadder, that makes me the more the madder. God bless all poets-MJG.
wow that was strong. I could feel the emotion