Beautiful Island Of Sri Lanka

Poem By inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

The destination was covered by seawater
There has mountain, plain, seashore, wood, rainforest and waterfall
According to, it named as a paradise in the world
It has a long history more than a thousand years

Entering that is a natural port, which is a beautiful glimpse
It famous natural island it has a good reputation
The island made by decision of noble one
However many people try to capture this island

In the past, it connected with long abridge to the large peninsula
Rawana was taken Queen Sethato this Sri Lanka
Legend is famous all over the world
Therefore, it was a nice place for identified the past adventures

Thou can be ride thousand of boat
It waves not rough it prepared for voyaging on sea
The message is coming via the sea waves that touched by the seashore
Thus thou can feel this is a nice place for travel with either loved one or lonely

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