Beautiful Letdown

We loved eachother
Our hearts were warm

You loved me
I loved you back

But the sands of time
Made our love lack

I needed you
And hated you also

We screamed, we yelled
Our mutual hatred swelled

The day finally came
When you handed back your token
The emotion inside had finally woken

My spirit was broken
I became a shell

Wishing you would burn in hell
I wanted so bad to scream and yell

My mind has been set up after all
I swallow my demon, and then I fall

by Matthew Hyatt

Comments (5)

I think this poem is wonderful, especially the last lines. I know what it's like to be a shell (and it sux!)
You can feel the honesty, and this I love.
Wow...this was a very emotional poem. I really like this one too. Such strong feelings, but in a good way. Great poem
what did the love lack as a result of the sands of time? what was the token she gave back? The feeling and intensity is good.
This is a new theme; I like it. It's simple, but very sincere. My heart goes out to you.