Beautiful Master

Search me O God
for You know my ways
You know what I am prone to do

You know my comings and goings
my ins and outs
You understand my every way

Lead me not into temptation
that I cannot withstand
but deliver me my God
from the evil one
who wants me to fall in the snare

The traps are all set
the pawns are in place
the only thing left
is Your unending grace

Oh how sweet the song of the forgiven!
how beautiful the feet of carriers of good news!
Clap your hands all you peoples
shout to the north and the south
For my God has redeemed me from the pits of hell
and from out of the miry clay

He set my feet upon solid ground
and now I walk on truth
for once my feet were in sinking sand
and I was sinking along with it

The wonderful joy that comes from my Father!
The perfect peace that I have!
Oh how beautiful are You Lord
and your mercy endures forever!

by Jessica Sanukab

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