Beautiful Mistake

She sits around all day
Basking in sadness and in her tears
He's the only one on her mind
He's the only one who can save her from herself
Fallen and broken she is
Depressed and lonely
But when he's on her mind
A light from within shines brightly through the cracks in her smile
She knows he's a mistake
A heavenly mistake
Filled with desire
Passion and lust
In her mind
He's the one
The sunshine in her life
He's just what she needed
A beautiful mistake

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I like this one...although....sunshing? Typo for sunshine. Those last two lines are just perfect...I'd scale down some of theother lines, though. The longer ones but that's just me. Doesn't mean it's right. I enjoyed this poem...very much.
Indeed Victoria, passion personified. However, I'd take Lawernce's poetic advice seriously. He's a master. Cheers, and keep writing. J H
YES! A passionate lust! I just love saying your last name Syp-niew-ski! Ms've written a very nice poem! I just wonder if the line...'The sunshing in her life' would be better served with...'The sunshine in her life OR The sunshining in her life'? either's a Beautiful Mistake...however you contemplate this mate you date! LSP