Beautiful Natalie

I look at most things and i see her
She is everywhere but
I cannot smell her anymore she is gone
I cannot touch her taste her anymore
She is gone
Her name was music and i moaned it softly silently
While she was apart from me
Nat- a- lee
The beautiful Fabric that was Natalie
So many things but most of all
Embroidery of a smile a touch
Her way of just holding still
GOD the sweet sound of her voice.
A soft slow compliment that she 'liked to talk to me' and a giggle
Watching her wiggle in our bath together
A caress
I digress
The fabric is clear now
I see it orange
Fades into cranberry
Fades into forest green
Fades into navy blue
Fades into burgundy
Fades into brown
Fades into black
Where i sofftly chant her name
Like that man in Twilight Zone who longs for a quieter town
The town of his happy Youth- Willoughby'
He cries the words in his sleep!
I cry Nat-a-lie.
The same 3 syllables!
'Willoughby, next stop Willoughby'
Natalie, next stop, Natalie'
The conductor announces
He jumped off the train and died in 4 feet of snow
I shall jump soon if i don't find Nat- a- lee.
'Natalie', next stop, Natalie.
The fabric is visible
She is wearing a beautiful color of Orange
Shoes don't quite work
GOD how i yearn to be a part of her
To wrap myself around her and protect her from all that is evil
Shield her from all that is cruel
Far too late for that
She is owned by the world
Natalie, next stop, Natalie.
The beautiful fabric.
The beautiful weave.
I bereave.
i bereave.


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