Beautiful One 3

Beautiful one so truly dear to me
I wish you were here to share this eve,
to sit back and read while holding hands.
To put my head upon your loving shoulder
while I close my eyes and lightly drift
while you watch your favorite shows.
Beautiful one a life with you is all I dream.

Beautiful one I adore you in everyway it's true,
I love you so very much you take my breath away.
You don't realize just how pretty you really are,
I want a portrait of my lady to hang
upon my bedroom wall to see everday as I rise,
go about my days, and as I kneel to say my prayers
for you and me before I lie down.
Saying I love you Kira you truly are so grand.
Even after we're reunited I will keep
that portrait to make me smile.

My beautiful one you are my everything,
in my heart and eyes you're the perfect one.
I love you in every way there can ever be,
you are my best friend, my Angel and dear Queen,
you're all in this life I truly want and need.
Please let me take your hand and pull you in,
I love you Kira and want to hold you for all time.

by Michael P. McParland

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