Beautiful One 7

Poem By Michael P. McParland

My sweet beautiful one I'm here
trying to get moving on some things
I need to get done by first gathering up my strength.
I've been smiling thinking of you
and the little things you do that make me smile
and the little things that make you
so very adorable and really cute.
Those little things are what add up
and make time and life with a special person
the very best there is on earth
and I'm praying that with you in the next life.
Beautiful one you've given me a smile
which today I can and will build upon.
Thank you darling one you are beautiful in every way.

Beautiful one as I sit here eating just a bit
before I get up to do my few chores
I wanted to let you know you are so beautiful
and that I just love you so much,
my chores aren't but a few and I wish
you were here to eat the fried chicken dinner
I've planned tonight because I know
you'd love it and for my lady
I'll roll out the red carpet and greet my Queen
on my knee to present all my world to her.
Your fat man wants to give you everything
he has to give because my heart overflows
with admiration respect and unconditional never ending love.
My heart swells and melts for my beautiful one
that I would give my whole life for.
Beautiful one soon we'll have everyday in our hands.

Beautiful one how could I not adore you so?
I tell no lie or exaggerate when I say
you're the perfect woman in my eyes
and that I could ever want or see.
Beautiful one anyone who has you in their lives
is the lucky one and like me should
get on their knees and thank God
he's sent you in their life to give
such loving friendship through all things.
Beautiful one I truly do than God for you
as an Angel, as a gift, as a blessing
that is a diamond in the rough.
Beautiful one I can't wait to spend each day
with you in my loving arms.

Beautiful one as I go in a few to do
my small chores that won't take long
I send you kisses and my loving warmth very strong.
I wish you were here to just sit with me
and chat while I did my work.
I wouldn't want you to do more than just relax,
your company would be the greatest treat.
To look across at my precious one
would heal my heart time and time again,
beautiful one my heart swells with such pride
and joy even over the smallest glimpse of or dream of you.
Beautiful one I plan to marry you and be
the greatest man you can ever want or need,
you are my everything and you make me happier
than I've been in so very long because you are a joy.
Beautiful one I love you so and I always will,
remember dear I am here for you because you are
my beautiful one I hold so tight within my heart and soul.

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