Beautiful People

created a sad world around,
such a person to society is never found,
punished them all and let them feel sick about life,
made sure, to all would strife,
i take their nonsense and give it back to you all.....feel hell about living, don't you all? ,
take revenge my way, any way, i kept quiet...only to rule you all,
this is my entertainment now to give you all my pain now,
this makes me happy now to give back the hate...when you all bow,
i can make your lives hell you know,
i only give not more than i owe,
tears in your eyes bring happiness, none but i....have “sacrificed” for you all,
won't forget as long i live and neither would you all,
wasn't for me, you all would be on the road,
wasn't for me, you all would carry loads,
this hatred is poisonous than venom, a threat to certain organisms,
often doubt if i love you all! , got little in my heart for you all,
my behavior and words have scarred,
my attitude has barred....this life....very hard,
how i have turned you into a zero, a lifeless creature, with no dreams for future,
how i have never supported, never respected or have you retorted,
how i still create the horror, make you shudder, reduce you to a loser,
i smile with the crowds though, i want to be the best though,
you all may wish me ill silently, i want them to love me though,
no matter how sad your faces are, they would believe me though,
no matter how bad i are, there would be a poem written on me though,
no matter how sadistic i are, they know me a realistic though,
no matter you all......
i am the “beautiful people” they know.

by rinki nandy

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really a bold and beautiful verse...thanks for sharing
Sheer boldness where women are blasted blistered banged bashed bonked [Hit hard] bopped …is needed … to bring them into the ‘into-of-their-misdeeds’…boisterous reaction is needed where 'femininity' is insulted…. No soprano will help…high pitched baritone is remedy Thanks Ma’am for such a courageous poem … finally say: ‘ Be safe the offenders and vexers’ 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK …