Beautiful Perfection

Poem By Samantha White

No one understands the perfection I seek,
the reflection I see everyday.
No one hears the words I speak,
my fear of how much I weigh.
I want to be free and float in the air,
Weightless and oh so thin.
To reach perfection I mustn't care,
Care about the pain within.
An undeserving girl in the mirror I see,
Beautiful under all the fat.
From this disgusting flesh I want to be free,
though others tell me I'm far from fat.
I don't listen to them they just don't know,
Only Ana tells knows what's best.
She’ll only be happy when my bones show;
it seems with her words I've become obsessed.
I long for her criticism and advice,
Her words, though painful, I feed on.
In her world everything must be precise,
any doubt I had is now completely gone.
Starving and aching inside,
I can feel myself wasting away.
But from others my pain I struggle to hide,
they will never understand why with Ana I stay.
Beautiful perfection is what I seek,
A twisted reflection I see everyday.
Cries of confusion are the words I speak,
Frightened to see how much I weigh.

By: Samantha White

Comments about Beautiful Perfection

Beautifully wriiten poem! This is the same pain I got through everyday. Reading this felt like you were talking to my soul. Keep up the good writting. I look forward to hearing more.

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