LJ (31/08/90 / Melbourne, VIC)

Beautiful Princess

Beautiful princess
Broken and bruised
Tears swell strongly within
Swallowed by pain
Beginning to wane
She closes her eyes and prays
For peace and solace
Strength and comfort
To get her through the day
Sing her to sleep
So sweet and so deep
To a place where dreams are real
All in a package
Tucked far away
Her emotions lie dormantly
She must be strong
However long
The battle surges ahead
She's holding on
So selflessly
With concern for her precious ones
Absent emotions
Conflicting notions
Leave her painfully numb
With much confusion
And mental intrusion
She doesn't know how to feel
The sentiment hurts
The chaos flirts
With the logic that pulls at her heart
Beautiful princes
Broken and bruised
Don't stop the tears that must flow
You'll make it home
You're not alone
I'll hold your hand...I love you

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