Beautiful Simplicity

Is The Love That Comes Naturally

It is so much more simpler than this.
To begin with just a kiss,
Cautious foresight then did come
Without a tag it soon had begun.
Moments of joy and I saw your ploy.
Quiet I stayed to see what was made.
I, in wanting the truth to be,
Not as it actually was in reality.
A heart so smite, can have such bite.
It structures a path, every time a clone
To feel this lie, is to die alone.
Guarded by the need to BE, was he.
Protected the waters of my sea.
Until, at last, he saw not me
But as his fight to be free.
My liberation grew for me no spite.
I encouraged him to feel it all and ignite.
Though no accord for us could right.
That powerful force behind fear drives strong appetites.
A life long lesson almost missed the delight.

by Janet Willemien Mulligan

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