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Beautiful Sleeper
DDM (11/01/1984 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada)

Beautiful Sleeper

I long await the last caress
of a sleeping beauty
Who's tender heart may call to me
From beneath her veil of sleep
Awake to the dawn of my love
For I will watch over you
I will keep your dreams safe
Sweet sweet beautiful sleeper
Dreaming of sacred things
be still to the night's eye.
Wander around in your dreamland
meet the spirits you've conjured
Sing to them in your angelic voice
bring forth their wisdom and grace.
go to the waters of the great sea
and eat the plentyful fish
walk in the garden of paradise
and pluck the fruit from its trees
but above all else
leave your heart to me
for when you wake
I shall be here waiting for you
Waiting to hear of your secret journey
To laugh, cry, and smile with you
For love is always waiting
Always ready to show itself
And with you and I the puppet masters
of our play lets Write the story
of the ages in our hearts.

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A tender and romantic piece, the awakening of love's grander......
romantic words- beautiful poem