(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Beautiful Woman

The commander of the army of Israyl,
Over the Kindon Valley;
I am like a little child but,
My words will touch you like a sword!

A great earthquake!
The tenth part of the city fell;
But my love will be for you always.

The noose of Sheol coiled around me,
But in my distreess i callled to yahweh;
And today, i am saved.

A string of donkeys,
To the weary and weak;
But as fierce as a wild bear,
I will like you to robb off my cubs with love.

Why do look thinner and thinner day after day?
I am in love with you my beautiful woman;
Som come to me with the wings of an eagle.
My love will speak to you from the heavens as well,
And my peace will be with you all day long;
For you are the beautiful woman of my heart.

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