BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Beautiful Writer

Self Inspection: Blow'n kisses at my reflection
Distract'd Attractions more or less satisfaction
Brain abstraction, pain n mental strain are just fractions
interacting with factions thru word transaction
just waiting for a reaction
they must be napping, what happened?
my paper is nicely together, they letting these scraps in
I'm a writer before it all but might do better with rappin
Sorry I didnt go dumb and am way 2 clever for snapp'n
and i cant recall a day in my life I'd eva brag about Trapp'n
I aint the type that ever did it for forces n fitteds
I was force'd, money used to be short like a midget
but karma fixed me quick
went legit picked up a bic
and the rest
is history......

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