The ocean’s current is in rhythm with the sky,
The blue drape is blanketed over by white waves of smoke,
In the grass of the field the wind blows,
creating a rippling pool entangling any entree,
My body is in the way of the pattern,
it messes with the flawless flow of the weeds,
It makes a bump in the cycling movement,
mesmerizing any onlooker,
I am open to the world,
Then I am closed out,
The grass closes over me than expands,
like a awakening flower,
The time passes slowly with the wind,
shaking the green lush of the ocean’s sea weed,
the beat of the water rumbles the coral again,
and the fish that make up the tender blue,
turn and whirl in a majestic color of beauty,
A magnificent whale breaks the surface,
and as if a switch is flicked,
a waterfall turns on,
the spout burst tiny specks of crystals into the deep,
The waves whip against the rocks in anger,
a storm is coming,
The waves get bigger and reach towards the gray sky,
I feel the rain drops that pour off my face,
It’s time to go home,
but I somehow have seen a new beauty,
the beauty of destruction.

by Paige Thomas

Comments (2)

Excellent choice of words to produce vivid immagery, Paige Thank you for sharing
Aptly titled, Paige. This is indeed beautifully written. Don