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H (1/25 / NYS)


I wonder if,
you truly see-
the beautiful woman,
that is me.

A heart as warm
as the summer sun-
would beat for you,
if you'd be the one.

The one to see
inside my soul-
it's fire and beauty;
an honorable goal.

What is beauty-
and does it lie,
solely in,
the beholder's eye?

Would you let
love pass you by;
though you could see
but wouldn't try,

To see beyond
the outer mask.
This truly is,
the hardest task.

If you were blind
and could not see-
Interested, would
you still be?

If only your heart,
could my beauty see-
would you still fall,
in love with me?

Would you see
inside my soul?
Take the time
to let love grow?


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very very interesting your 'beauty ' is, dear...........
Yes, why not! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
good write. so general yet personal at the same time. i enjoyed it