GMR ( / Hercules, California)


Beauty abounds
it lies all around
It is perfection such as one's eyes
and mind behold
It is love from within and it asks to be seen
and allowed to unfold

Beauty is joy to be discovered
and it takes but a small effort to uncover
Then too it can be a mask that hides an inner truth
a screen that filters and disallows one to see
it is but a crust covering unpleasant things dutifully

Beauty is joy to the senses and suggests an ideal
And we struggle to attain that exactful image
even if it means the truth we must conceal

Take a moment with uncasting eye
and view the things that go on bye
It is beauty you will see
simple and diverse with pleasure and glee
Do not yourself encumber thoughts of perfection
for beauty can be enjoyed from within and around with little contention.

by Gloria Mary Rodriguez

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