Forget And Forgotten

Forgetting you is like having a diet
But if its for you than I'll gladly do it without regret
These have deeply put a stop in my everyday work
Thinking over what I've done made make me feel like an outsider
I deeply regret doing those things that let to our departure
For day I've tried to convince myself that the past is the past
Tomorrow will be a new day and a new beginning
But it when crashing head first the next day

This guild of mine has been going for too long
I've tried so many timed but end crashing
Over and over again

Forget or be forgotten was all that
I get and deserve.

by Kitione Moala

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Lot of life existed beyond beauty, beyond what was traditionally, even in a feudal, royal, imperial vein, and in a mind set up and contemporaneously judged as beautiful.Too much obsession with beauty, combination of colour, nose, lip, eyes, cheek bone is not good for human civilisation, with due respect todeparted soul of Lord Tennyson.We need to switch over to more important aspects than ascriptive ones.head and heart.However, robust romanticism of the poet and his inner soul trembling like lute string at th every thought of kiss is superb.
Beauty and bliss go hand in hand. Tennyson, the wonderful romantic poet. Kudos!
Some of the pauses in this poem are very strong, so much so that I can imagine a fellow man kissing my hand.
Tennyson's poems are perfect in composition and a model to follow by new poets ever! Message of the poem my be great or moderate, poem is wonderful to read!
A thing of beauty brings joy forever atleast for some and torment for others..
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