Night, dark glorious night, now history proffering way to light
Casts the morning sun through garden roses of delight
Where reflected rays stream from your hair
Like burnished gold falling in the morning air

Each note of laughter reverberates
Round the garden wall, awakens sleeping Blue Jays
And echoes against a miniature waterfall

As the morning day awaken from nightly splendor
So your resplendent beauty awakens my rapturous heart
Shakes my being and frustrates my senses like the Gordian Knot

Unlike the vanquished robes of a Dowager Queen
Your beauty is riotously radiant and serene
Awash with happiness as a golden dream

Without ostentation of priggish conceit
Your beauty lends life a flower complete
Devoid of subtlety and false charm
Love only can protect you from harm.

by Ervie C.Jones

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Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this work with us. E.K.L.