How around us and about us
Has beauty's light been shed
In the azure of the sunny sky
In the ground on which we tread In the way of light of the eastern sky
Is bespoken in the coming day
In the evening's shadows stealing on
As the daylight passes away. There is beauty in the modest flower
Or else why were they made?
But to gladden man in his weariness
In the grassy path or glade. Yet the flowers of the earth do fade
Their beauty must decay
And the beauty of a sunset sky
Must melt in gloom away Oh! fairer than the crimson flush
That tells of the rising sun
Or the purple shades of departing light
When the day is past and gone For a pilgrim follower of the Land
As he looks to the golden west
Can gaze with hope to the world beyond
Where the uneasy are at rest. Then cling not to the joys of earth
But turn thine eyes to the climes within
Where flowers unfading bloom
Beyond the shining skies For is a world of sin like ours
Can boast of things as fair
Far brighter must the ones appear
When the Light of God is there.

by Mary Cathleen Brown

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