Go On Deeper

If you are not going to fall in love with me
Then go away from my dreams!
Do you want me?
I don't think so
This what you want is just a little dream
But you don't want me in real
You don't expect anything, so
You have what you want
This short and flat bly bly
Between the strangers we are

Busy man, busy man
You don't have the time for love then
But do you know what the time is for?
You are so busy as you want
As you need and wish mostly
Are you the owner of your time?
Are you the master of your life?
Are you ready to go outside?
Are you able to drown
Within someone?

by Anna Cellmer

Comments (5)

Very nice poem by Edward Thomas.
Nice poem. I enjoyed to read. Thank a lot.
Beautiful poem! Amazing
Truly a man who knows what it means......
Here lies all that no one loved of him And that loved no one. splendor of words threaded into magic.. these linger in your mind for a long time