Beauty is much sought.
Beauty in a word or thought.
Beauty in a form sublime.
Beauty in a subtle rhyme.
Where is beauty found,
in a place, a touch, a sound?
Beauty is the crown
of a heart made perfect round.
Beautiful the earth.
Beautiful the stars above.
Beautiful the human race.

Beauty in every face
hidden by a crust
of hardened ancient dust
that is washed away
by the gentle light of day
as the sun arises
and the warmth of love
descends on earth from high above
beauty springs forth from the ground
gracing all that's found.
Hide from it you may,
bury hearts in clay.,
but it will triumphant rise
this beauty which has no demise.

A song of musical renown.
A sequin studded gown.
A leaf that's fallen on the ground.
The setting of the sun
The smile of a mother for her son.
The dance of little ones.
A rose of sweet scent.
A forgiveness when we repent.
A simple message sent.
A flowing of hearts' true intent.
The moon so full and round.
Lift a stone and it is in the ground.
That beauty that is all around
and in our hearts is surely found.

by David Taylor

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