Beauty And Beauty

When Beauty and Beauty meet
All naked, fair to fair,
The earth is crying-sweet,
And scattering-bright the air,
Eddying, dizzying, closing round,
With soft and drunken laughter;
Veiling all that may befall
After -- after --

Where Beauty and Beauty met,
Earth's still a-tremble there,
And winds are scented yet,
And memory-soft the air,
Bosoming, folding glints of light,
And shreds of shadowy laughter;
Not the tears that fill the years
After -- after --

by Rupert Brooke

Comments (7)

The earth is crying sweet And scattering bright the air. Great thoughts expressed in an equally great song.
Prose, melodic, sweet, beautiful...
It is the story of love between the beauty and beauty and high imaginative poem.
This poem is good, but one thing I could not see was what kind of beauty the poet was talking about or beauty in general, beauty covering all kinds of beauty with a general word for it, Beauty. There may be some difficulty here for some readers when it comes to understand what kind of beauty this poem stnds for, other than that, everthing else is clear. The poet did in this try a good job, I do believe! Luis Estable
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
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