JD (23- 03- 1988 / Imo state, Nigeria)

Beauty And The Beast

The breeze was calm and the hairs of my skin was snoring to it, the nuts of the palm are joyously clapping, to their mother bark, their leaves where whistling melodiously to the comfort of my dear poor beastly soul... the whole scenario was just BEAUTIFUL...
My eyes where closing when the whole drama went like ice and it sounds cold, the beats suddenly went out of breath and its sounds reaches like the cry of a ghost. i opened my eyes in a red blood to see for my self what iced my comfort... my red hot blood suddenly turns purple, my bold veins suddenly went 'shy', my red beastly eyes slowly turn blue, and before the sweats would dropp to my belly my whole beastly self is gone to come back when released.
She was like a princess from Zues himself, her skin decked with brown and her eyes as blue as the rose, she was so BEAUTIFUL that i wonder who made us... A BEAST and BEAUTY.
I confess to myself ' I' am a beast and the best of them, i don't deserve to have you, you gave me your whole and i equal it with my half, am just a beast that don't deserve to have a BEAUTY like you', is she listening? did she hear my foolish self talk? she answered me like she heard me 'Nobody is perfect and as long as we remain human, i will love you'. I will love you too in a beastly way cos am a human.

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