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Beauty Everywhere!

Beauty rises when the Sun's rays sweep
From the darkest deep in the morn.
When the stars salute to their befitting king
And the night finds her way back home!

Beauty dances when the lovely birds chirp
Provokes the wind, pure & cold-
To kiss the little flowers with utmost care
And makest them dance with all his share.

Beauty smiles there above high wide hills
When the lovely rays slide down wide leaves.
And in the deepest shallow at their feet,
In those tender greens that always touch it.

Beauty charms! in every destined place!
On milky streams & in thy pure veins.
Though deepest & largest exists there,
Widest & grandest everywhere! ! !

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Comments (6)

I just love it my dear hubby... :)
10ner for you........ loved the poem :)
that listed outt all the beauties...beautifully penned
Creative thoughts beautifully penned down!
I loved reading this. Beautiful.
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