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Beauty....Forever Fair
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Beauty....Forever Fair

Like the Pyramid's of long ago, we know what beauty can behold.
The power that surrounds it and the essence that it holds.
And even after millions of years, trapped upon the sands.
The Beauty that once was there, still proudly does it stand.
Not because is shines or because it's made of gold.
But, because it stands for the love & the beauty that is forever told.
When one sees a pretty face, they are wrapped in a haze of desire.
But what will one do if the goddess no longer carries that fire?

Will he turn in shame and run afar,
Or will he embrace her beauty that goes far beyond that face of fire?
Many things we do Carrie in all we see & look upon,
But only few things can be remembered and taken to heart and treasured in time.

Beauty.....forever fair it will always be,
Given a picture of the ocean or of the cherished child that a couple shares.

No one can judge what beauty can behold,

Only know that it comes in many many ways that are to numerous to behold.

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