Beauty In The Night

Poem By Kimberly (Strothman) Anderson

There is a beauty in the night
A twinkling of a star, Reaching

There is a beauty in the night
a moon showing reflection onto the lake

There is a beauty in the night
Romance and Love, Sensuality

There is beauty in the night
Lush tenderness, tantalizing dreams

There is beauty in the night

Comments about Beauty In The Night

There IS beauty in the night and thanks for portraying that beauty through your words. This sounds a lot like something I would write...not to talk about myself, just relating. I really like how the last line concludes the entire poem...Nice work. Meredith

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Twilight, Twilight

Twilight, Twilight
Flying Faster into the night
so fast so bright can't see the night

Finding The Sunset

Beautiful isn't it. The plethra of color amongst the rocks
a well worn rhyme, a tantilizing night sky wooing us forth
O where is beauty we ask. Is all we have to do is look, listen feel
the unfinished prose of life. Guiding us.loving us. pursuing us

Eloquent Manifestation

How I love thee
Beauty in the sky
Rainbows in the moonlight
Eloquent understanding

Free Wind

Free Wind

Isn't it beautiful, the magnificent glory
Bright and Beautiful, Fragrant with Life

If I Don'T Write I Will Explode With An Unrequited Heart

I have to write, I can't stop. Its within me to be the best I can be.The grief I feel is too prevacive. The only way to get it out is to write. What is my unrequited heart. Is it the mystery/misery

My unrequited heart is miserable without thee until I realize I have found another.