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Beautiful Things
Rahman Henry (14 January 1970 / Natore, Bangladesh.)

Beautiful Things

The most beautiful things in life,
Can come out of the strangest places.
They aren’t always the most obvious things,
That’s why people need to look for them.
Beautiful things,
Like the compassion in one person’s heart,
Or a smile you give a lonely man.
Can make the biggest difference in this world.
People take these beautiful things for granted,
Expecting life to treat them kindly,
Without giving any kindness in return.
The most beautiful thing for me in this world,
Is knowing that people love me, unconditionally.
So next time you feel down,
Think of all the love we share,
And maybe,
Life won’t seem that bad anymore.

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Well conceived and insightfully crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with conviction. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
Very true! ! ! The very essence of beauty has been defined profoundly! 10
Beauty is in our heart not in our face.......
Beauty tastes sweet Even in a lit-less night Where no moon is visible Beauty herself is a light That no darkness can conceal wowo superb thought...great 10+++
A nice poem shaired.i enjoy your poem.....10++++++*****
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