A Truly Inspirational Partnership

The two major and arguably the most
important ingredients in a relationship
between two people regardless of
whether it’s a romantic or platonic affair
are mutual respect for each other and trust.
Without them that relationship is analogous
to a car in motion but without it having
either a steering wheel or brakes to
regulate its advance or reversal
and with the inevitable result
in such circumstances of
a catastrophic crash

That however is not the least likelihood in
your case as respect for yourself and others
isn’t just complimented with deep love
for those whom you value but is also
self-evident and inspiring too,
creating the ideal partnership
between us that is a joy
to observe and a
pleasure to

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 December 2010.

by Stanley Collymore

Comments (5)

Very true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty can not be defined and confined. The most ugliest thing can be the most beautiful for someone. a nice piece of write, Meghan. Best Wishes Naseer
very true, spoken like an observant artistic person...it's true that sometimes there's beauty in less conventional things...it might be harder to see for some..but much more treasured when found
seldom do i see true happiness in a smile. seeing things just for what they are is recognizing truth and perhaps beauty.iv'e never seen beauty in a red rose either. like the line strangely perfect in their ways. good write! peace, darby
I don't see true happiness in a smile, so true........10
Ah! it does lack mystery..wow i mean that thought never struck me...loved it Meghan..totally awesome! Preets