♥ ♥ .Haunted.♥ ♥

wHaT if I Die OneDAy,

And aLL ThOSe Tears,

wiLL You understand,

wHy I diD That?

wiLL You UnderstaND me,

coz yOU fEeL hOw I fEEL,

or wiLL You Just SAy,

“It’s Gods Plan”.

WiLL You TeLL oTherwISe,

When You ReaLLy Don’T uNdErstaND,

aNsWEr Me This,

dID you eveR knOW whAT iT is? .

do You hAd A pRobLem,

And ThOughT abOut SuiCiDe? ,

do You HAve ThIs emOtIon,

That You tried To HidE.

Have You Ever lOSt SomethIng,

BecaUSe Of SOmeOnes faUlt,

Are you StuCkeD iN A dEEp depResSioN,

And Always TryIng to end Up mY lIfe.

Do You HAve a Scar,

That FoRevEr In my hEart,

And If i Try to SmiLE,

yOu WiLl SeE sadNess.

How AbouT To Be In YouR Life,

That You Don’t Want To BE In it,

caN You StiLL FuGuRe It Out,

How pItTy i Am.

Do You cry DeEp InsidE,

And StiLL CrYiNg Inside,

do yOu ShEd it EveRynIght,

MakiNg it difficult to surVive.

HAve you eVer SacriFiCEd,

for sOmething You DiDn’t Do,

You wiLL FeEl That,

The WoRLD IS betraYinG You.

hAve You EVer StayEd Up late,

WhiLe EndlEss Tears You CrIEd,

HAVe You FeLt That HoRRiBle FeELiNg,

LikE paRt Of you just Die.

by jade MOnteScLArOS

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Lovely poem... It's a gift we are never without.
What you think is beautiful others may hate, So don't force your opinion on another, Some things will lift you while others deflate, What you love to some may well smoth ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! True beauty always comes from within. It can't be taught nor can it be bought, You'll not find it in a book or a folder, The meaning of that word that you have sought, ... These are the most important lines I pointed out. Whatever it may be the true beauty that beauty from heart like the sweet song of a blind man, aesthetic value, true love etc. are same in the eye of beholder. Dear Bri, you have so nicely painted this poem from each corner. I appreciate your penmanship too. Full vote. Thanks.
Lovely poem and so true. Beauty is all around and we need to see it with that eye and mind which appreciates it all.
The beholder who sees beauty- -whether natural or human-made- sees not only with eyes designed by the Original Maker of beauty but with a mind created in that Designer's image....
Beauty is in each every moment Each moment is gone almost as one senses its trailing scent To be replaced by another equally special and unique We think we remember beauty but to truly experience it We must re-learn as children how to simply be in the gift of each every moment
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