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Beauty, Its Effect.
RC (1868 - 13 January 1930 / Australia)

Beauty, Its Effect.

I have been touched with her, and have ta'en (Unclear
The acquaintance of her beauty like a dream,
Or as it were a flower of Faerie breathed
By an immortal; for the light and air
Of life and love so, so endue her, she
Puts on and off the sweetest favours like
The momentary raiment that
A goddess dons and doffs.

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a good envision about beauty. Thumbs up
'The acquaintance of her beauty like a dream, ' ....Nice expression and have not read it before from any other poet. Good write.
When falling in love you see illusions and exaggerated figures and images, You don't even distinguish an Angel from a devil. Love is blind. i love the poem.
If it is not serpentine beauty it is well and good one would feel!